History of Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah, GA

Colonial Park Cemetery is a historic burial ground located in Savannah, Georgia. Established in 1750, it served as the primary cemetery for the city’s residents for over a century. During that time, over 10,000 people were buried there, including some of Savannah’s most prominent citizens.

The cemetery was also the site of several notable events in Savannah’s history. One such event occurred in 1779 during the Revolutionary War. The cemetery was used as a makeshift hospital for wounded soldiers, and it is said that many of the soldiers died while being treated there. Their spirits are still said to haunt the grounds.

In the early 1800s, Savannah’s judicial system held public hangings in the cemetery as a way to deter crime, and many of the executed criminals were buried on the grounds. The most notorious of these was the hanging of Alice Riley and her accomplice, Richard White, who were convicted of murdering their employer and his family. Their spirits are also said to haunt the cemetery.

In 1853, the city stopped using the cemetery as a burial ground due to health concerns. The cemetery was eventually turned into a public park. During the American Civil War, the cemetery played an important role in the city’s history. Savannah became an important port for the Confederacy, and it was a target for Union forces led by General William T. Sherman.

In December of 1864, Sherman’s troops captured the city after a month-long campaign. During the occupation of Savannah, Union troops took over many of the city’s buildings, including the Colonial Park Cemetery. The cemetery was used as a campsite and staging area for Union forces. Unfortunately, the Union soldiers did not treat the cemetery with respect. Many of the headstones were knocked down, graves were defaced, and the crypts were broken into. The Union troops also destroyed a number of trees in the cemetery to use as firewood. The soldiers were apparently unaware that they were camped on top of the graves of Savannah’s citizens and that they were causing damage to a sacred space.

After the war, efforts were made to repair the damage done to the cemetery. The headstones were set upright, the graves were repaired, and new trees were planted. The cemetery was restored to a semblance of its former beauty, but the scars of the war remained.

In the years following the Civil War, the city of Savannah continued to grow and expand. Colonial Park Cemetery remained an important part of the city’s history, and it was the final resting place of many of Savannah’s citizens. However, over time, the cemetery fell into disrepair. By the early 20th century, the cemetery was in a state of neglect. Many of the graves had fallen into disrepair, and the cemetery was overgrown with weeds and brush.

Efforts were made to restore the cemetery in the early 20th century. The graves were repaired, the headstones were cleaned, and new landscaping was added. In 1907, a new entrance was built on Abercorn Street, and the cemetery was officially renamed Colonial Park Cemetery. Today, Colonial Park Cemetery is once again a beautiful and peaceful place, a testament to the rich history of the city of Savannah.

Ghost Stories from Colonial Park Cemetery

If you’re a fan of the paranormal, then a visit to Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia is an absolute must. This historic cemetery is filled with legends and tales of ghosts that will send shivers down your spine.

One of the most famous ghost stories at Colonial Park Cemetery is that of Rene Rondolier. According to legend, Rondolier murdered two young girls and now haunts the cemetery, hanging from the “Hanging Tree.” While there is no historical record to support this tale, it remains one of the most popular stories associated with the cemetery.

The use of Colonial Park Cemetery for Voodoo ceremonies is another well-documented aspect of its history. Voodoo practitioners would use soil from the graves and even steal human bones, leading to numerous reports of paranormal activity in the cemetery.

The Dueling Grounds, located south of the cemetery’s south wall, have been rumored to be a site for dueling, although there is no reliable evidence to support this claim. Nevertheless, the area is still associated with paranormal activity, with visitors reporting strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena.

In addition to these stories, there are several other tales of ghosts and spirits associated with Colonial Park Cemetery. Visitors have reported seeing the ghost of a little girl playing with a ball, while others have claimed to capture her image in photos. Another ghost story involves a woman searching for something in the cemetery, carrying a lantern and wandering aimlessly throughout the grounds.

One of the most chilling tales associated with Colonial Park Cemetery is the story of the “headless soldier.” Visitors have reported seeing the ghost of a soldier walking around the cemetery, with no head on his body. It’s enough to make even the most skeptical of visitors feel a sense of unease.

The cemetery’s history of misplaced bodies is also worth noting. Major General Nathanael Greene, for example, was buried inside the Graham family vault after his death. However, the family had fled the country as Loyalists, leading to confusion about his final resting place.

Today, Colonial Park Cemetery is a popular destination for ghost enthusiasts and tourists alike. Visitors have reported numerous paranormal encounters during their visits, such as seeing shadowy figures moving through the cemetery and even a green mist floating behind Nicodemus. Whether you’re a believer in the paranormal or not, a visit to Colonial Park Cemetery is an unforgettable experience. Who knows what you might encounter on your visit?

Recent reports of paranormal activity include strange noises and sightings at the cemetery’s most famous burial site, that of Noble Jones. Jones was a well-known figure in early Georgia history and was buried at Colonial Park Cemetery in 1775. Visitors have reported hearing voices and footsteps near his grave, and some have even claimed to see his ghostly figure wandering the cemetery.

In addition to Noble Jones, visitors have also reported paranormal encounters at the grave of Elizabeth Weed, who died in 1791. Some visitors claim to have seen her ghostly apparition walking through the cemetery, while others have reported feeling a sense of unease or even being touched by an unseen force.

Another recent paranormal encounter at Colonial Park Cemetery involved a group of visitors who claimed to have captured EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings of ghostly voices while conducting a paranormal investigation. The recordings captured unexplained voices and whispers that could not be attributed to any living person in the area.

These stories and legends are just a small sample of the many paranormal encounters that visitors have reported at Colonial Park Cemetery. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, a visit to this historic cemetery is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the mysteries of the unknown.

Documented Paranormal Evidence at Colonial Park Cemetery

A guest sitting on a park bench with two small spirits manifesting on an SLS camera

Real Haunted Savannah has captured documented paranormal evidence during their paranormal investigations at Colonial Park Cemetery. Here’s a list of the activity captured based on the type of activity:

Intelligent Spiritbox Responses:

• When asked if there were any kids present, a child’s voice responded “Maybe”

• When asked if they had any friends, a spirit answered “I do”

• A spirit responded to a question about the Spiritbox being too loud “It’s good” and “you good”

• A woman’s voice said “We’re safe” when asked if the spirits were safe

• When asked if the spirits knew the investigator’s name, two different spirits responded “It’s Robert”

• After investigators said “goodnight”, one last spirit said “Good Night”

• Harmonic spirit saying “Andrea” was captured when investigators asked “who has this [Spiritbox] now?”

• A man with a deep, strong voice said “We got you!” at a certain time

• Spirits answered correctly the color of the M&M on the Fence, saying “Blue”

• When asked about their birth year, spirits responded with “Forty”

• When asked “who are you?”, a spirit responded “I answered”

• Investigators addressed a spirit and received the response “You’re weird”

• When asked “are you cold?”, a spirit responded “Kind of”

• Upon turning on the Spiritbox, two spirits responded with “Hi” and “we can…let’s go!”

• Two spirits consecutively said “fifty”

• When asked about their favorite drink, a spirit responded “What’re you drinking?”

• A spirit acknowledged Chaz with “…my brother…” when he was handed the LiveRig

• A spirit repeated the investigator when he said “Oh Hey [Buddy]” before a woman immediately answered “Anthony”

SLS Camera Activity:

• Spirits were seen manifesting on the Jungle Gym

• Spirits were captured using the monkey bars

• Spirits were seen sitting on the benchs next to investigators & guests

• Several SLS figures were captured at the gates and the playground

Corroborating Evidence:

• Spirits have confirmed that the equipment was working properly

• A spirit correctly responded to a question about an injured body part

• Spirits responded in Polish to a guest speaking in Polish

• Spirits responded in German to a guest speaking in German

• Spirits responded in Spanish to a guest speaking in Spanish

Unexplained Voices:

• In response to the question “who was sitting next to Julie?”, a child’s voice said “I am”

• A disembodied voice was captured near the old jail

• Several unknown responses were captured throughout their investigations

Additional Paranormal Activity:

• EMF spikes were detected, and a shadow figure was seen moving between the playground and the fence

• Investigators captured a misty figure at the fence line

• An investigator’s flashlight turned off and on by itself multiple times

• A spirit responded to a request to touch a flashlight, and the flashlight turned on and off in response

• Investigators captured an EVP of a woman’s voice saying “Help me” at the old jail.

• Dozens of orbs were captured along the fence

Investigate Colonial Park Cemetery with Real Haunted Savannah

Several guests using paranormal equipment during a paranormal investigation at Colonial Park Cemetery. The image shows several people using various types of paranormal investigation equipment, such as EMF meters, digital recorders, and thermal imaging cameras, while exploring the cemetery at night.

Real Haunted Savannah offers guided paranormal investigations of some of the most haunted locations in Savannah, including Colonial Park Cemetery. These investigations are led by experienced paranormal investigators and offer guests the chance to use high-tech equipment to communicate with spirits and capture evidence of paranormal activity.

Real Haunted Savannah’s paranormal investigations at Colonial Park Cemetery have been particularly successful in capturing a range of paranormal evidence, from intelligent spirit box responses to unexplained voices and shadows. Guests have left glowing reviews of their experiences with Real Haunted Savannah, praising the knowledgeable and friendly tour guides as well as the thrilling paranormal activity they encountered.

Here are a few additional reviews of Real Haunted Savannah’s investigations at Colonial Park Cemetery:

  • “Absolutely amazing experience! Our guide was so knowledgeable and made the tour so much fun. We captured some incredible evidence of paranormal activity at the cemetery. Highly recommend this tour!” – Google review
  • “One of the best ghost tours I’ve ever been on! The guides are so knowledgeable and passionate about the history and the paranormal activity in Savannah. We captured some really amazing evidence at Colonial Park Cemetery. Can’t wait to book another tour!” – Tripadvisor review
  • “If you’re looking for a truly unique and thrilling experience, you have to book a paranormal investigation with Real Haunted Savannah. Our guide was amazing and we captured some truly unbelievable evidence of paranormal activity at the cemetery. A must-do for anyone interested in the supernatural!” – Airbnb review
Two guests express surprise and amazement while using paranormal equipment during a ghost hunt at Colonial Park Cemetery

Overall, Real Haunted Savannah’s paranormal investigations at Colonial Park Cemetery have consistently produced compelling evidence of paranormal activity and provide a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone interested in the supernatural.

About the Author Kris Olson

Kris Olson is a prominent ghost hunter in the South East, He was featured in South Magazine's Fall 2021 & Fall 2022 issues and Adventure Cities Season 1 Episode 3 on Discovery Channel. Kris lives in Savannah, Georgia, where he leads ghost investigations at the city's most haunted sites. Kris has developed a personal relationship with the spirits that speak to him through his work as a paranormal investigator. This allows him to connect with the spirits on the other side more easily and communicate more effectively with different entities.

If you would like to contact Kris, email him at admin@realhauntedsavannah.com.